Why Use Main Sail

Main Sail is easy to work with for a number of reasons, including:

  • The ability to work with one company that supplies a wide range of services as opposed to dealing with multiple companies
  • The ability to adapt to the specific needs of each client, as one size does not fit all
  • An experienced technical staff that provides a diverse spectrum of technical expertise
  • When selecting and implementing a new ERP system, it's essential to have an experienced, unbiased coach to help you through the process

Full Lifecycle Support

Main Sail provides a full spectrum of ERP and technical services that support your Manufacturing, Warehouse Management and Distribution solutions from requirements definition through lifetime support of your solution and the environment that it runs in.


Business Process Improvement

  • Strategy Development for IT ERP & Mobile Mfg. and Distr. Solutions
  • BCA Studies
  • ROI Analysis
  • TCO Studies
  • Mfg. & Distribution Process Improvement
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • IT and ERP Risk Analysis

ERP Solution Selection and Requirements Definition

  • ERP Readiness Assessment
  • ERP Requirements Definition
  • ERP Selection Consulting
  • Operations Assessments
    • Shop Floor
    • Warehouse
    • Distribution
    • Supply Chain
  • Shop Floor Operations

Program and Project Management

  • Program Management
  • ERP Project Management
  • Critical Chain Project Mgmt.
  • Change Mgmt. (OCM)
  • IT Governance
  • Executive Trusted Advisors
  • Business Process advisors

Systems Engineering and Implementation

Design and Implementation:

  • ERP for Mfg. & Distr.
  • RFID Tracking Solutions
  • Bar Code Tracking Solutions
  • Virtualization
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Custom Programming
  • Software Validation

Sustainment and Support Services

  • ERP Lifecycle Sustainment
  • ERP Upgrade Support
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Spt. Services
  • 24 x 7 Help Desk Support
  • Managed IT Services

Strategic Relationships and Partners

Main Sail provides a full spectrum of manufacturing, distribution and mobile solutions through key relationships; many have developed over a 20+ year period that Main Sail, its owners and employees have been providing consulting and solution implementation services.

We architect integrated ERP based manufacturing and distribution solutions that may involve multiple vendors and are tailored to our clients requirements. We have strong working relationships with vendors that supply the following types of add-in solutions to core ERP packages to ensure that your manufacturing and distribution solution meets all of your core requirements.


Core ERP Manufaturing and Distribution Solutions

Experienced in Manufacturing and Distribution Solutions

Main Sail provides consulting services for all of the core ERP and add-on capabilities that are assembled into your custom solution. With many years as a consulting organization, we have developed strong relationships with hundreds of consultants. There is not a skill set that we cannot provide for our manufacturing and distribution solutions.

We have provided over 1.2 million hours of consulting services for manufacturing, distribution and logistics solutions utilizing over 260 consultants. Of our many clients, we have 50 manufacturing and distribution customers just in Northeast Ohio with which we have maintained long term implementation and support relationships.

We have broad experience in both large and small company implementations and we are focused on our growing small and medium sized manufacturing and distribution client base, which is also the largest growing segment of the Ohio economy.

See details of our solutions and experience that we can use to improve your manufacturing and distribution operation:

We are your one-stop shop for your ERP based manufacturing and distribution consulting services and solutions.

Customer Success Stories


As a small business owner, Main Sail offers outstanding value. We utilize them for all our support needs, from break fix all the way up to strategic business process consulting.

Jerry Warsaw, SureSite, Beachwood, OH

Two Men and a Truck

Main Sail came into my company, learned my business issues, and pointed out several software solutions that are free from Microsoft! My previous IT provider only fixed my broken equipment. Joe and his team helped me run my business more efficiently.

Bob Struck, Two Men and a Truck, Wickliffe, OH

Champion Technologies

As a client of Main Sail, I have access to the same team that supports their internal operations and their Fortune 500 clients. It is a very unique business model only available to local clients in the northeast Ohio. You don’t often find that breadth of talent at such a reasonable price.

Lish Engel, Champion One, Beachwood, OH

Babcock and Wilcox

Main Sail has a long history of providing SAP talent to B&W. Main Sail has served as an implementation partner on SAP implementations at the following facilities: BWXT Lynchburg VA, BWXT Barberton OH, Marine Mechanical, Euclid OH, American Centrifuge Manufacturing, Oak Ridge TN, and Nuclear Fuel Services, Erwin TN.

In addition to our work on full scope SAP implementations, we have also performed many smaller projects covering a wide spectrum of SAP. Since 2004, Main Sail has delivered over 120,000 man-hours of service providing SAP consultants in support of B&W and B&W owned companies.


North Coast Container Corporation

The NCCC SAP implementation ran over a two year period as a joint project between Main Sail and NCCC. NCCC wanted to do an express version of SAP where they could conform their systems to the SAP software.

Main Sail employed 5-6 people on the implementation and a PM in charge of the project. NCCC planned on implementing SD, FICO, MM, and PP. NCCC liked the project team and their efforts and plan to finish an ERP implementation sometime in 2018. The team working on the project was mainly doing the implementation on a part time basis (per the customer request) and balanced this implementation with other projects.

NCCC (North Coast Container Corporation) – SAP implementation

Main Sail

Customers tell me that one of the most important decisions in getting a new ERP system is having an experienced, unbiased coach to help you through the process. Someone who is not tied to one of the vendors and who can help build solution consensus within their organization.

Jack Rhyne, Main Sail Senior Manufacturing and Distribution ERP consultant

Examples of Our Work

Main Sail provides consulting services for all of the core ERP and add-on capabilities that are assembled into your custom solution. The work that our company and experienced staff has been involved in over the years is indicative of the quality and unique capabilities that we will put at your disposal.


Timken Bearing, Canton Ohio - SAP Manufacturing Implementations

Main Sail and its SAP consulting staff have a long history supporting this leading manufacturer in Northeast Ohio. Some of our employees began working with Timken in their first SAP implementation in the late 80’s. We initially provided SAP consulting expertise for manufacturing, warehouse management and SAP technical and BASIS support through multiple upgrades and system improvements. Main Sail provided technical support for interfacing the legacy Shop Floor system and then went on to provide functional consulting for the implementation of SAP as the global system for sales and distribution, accounting and cost reporting.


Brush-Wellman, Materion, Euclid, Ohio - Discrete Manufacturing Implementations

Main Sail and its ERP consultants provided ERP strategy and implementation support for multiple manufacturing plants, and supported the implementation of financial and cost accounting. The acquisition of other companies and their integration into the SAP framework for Materion was also supported.

RFID Asset

Unique ERP Manufacturing RFID Tracking Solution, Barberton, Ohio

Main Sail architected and implemented a unique RFID tracking solution for sensitive items within a large manufacturing plant in Ohio. The solution specification was “we want to track our assets in SAP by just driving around”. Our team built a forklift based tracking solution that inventoried every tagged asset everywhere it drove and updated SAP with locations in real time. The project was finished in half the time any competitors had bid for the work.


Toyota Tsusho of America, Northern Kentucky – SAP Warehouse and Inventory

Main Sail was contacted initially to assist in reconciling inventory issues, and re-configuring and implementing control procedures to improve accuracy. Issues regarding SAP configuration and transactions for Handling Unit Management in their warehouses were ultimately deemed the primary cause of the problems. This effort grew into a larger team that provided longer term support for SAP Materials Management, Warehouse Management and the technical enhancement of interfaces and reporting. All outstanding issues were resolved and the customer was left with a working system and a great set of processes and procedures.

ISO 9001

Wire Rope Manufacturer, Cleveland, Ohio - ISO 9001 Implementation

Founded in 1971 by an engineer in Cleveland, Ohio to fabricate wire rope assemblies and fittings, which are provided to rigging shops, hoist manufacturers and custom fabricators. Main Sail provided critical business process and technical support to implement ISO 9001-2008 standards across the organization. The project involved approximately 50 users over a six month period to conduct ISO 9001 training, conduct internal audits, prepare full ISO business process documentation, establish document storage infrastructure and review registration options with a registrar. Today, this is leading the company to greater capability through state-of-art machining and manufacturing processes.


International Food Manufacturing Pittsburgh, PA - SAP Implementation Support

Main Sail worked with this multi-national food company with plants in American Samoa, Ecuador and Pittsburgh, PA to provide intensive post go-live support. There were quite a number of issues, most related to former offshore consulting support. The client was extremely pleased that users were empowered to take back control of their SAP system.

Main Sail also provided Business Intelligence (BI) services to improve management and production reporting, which supported the CIO and the entire organization. We provided process and configuration improvements for work-in-progress, Materials Management, Production Planning and purchase orders.


Toyota Tsusho of America, Northern Kentucky – JDE Manufacturing Implementation

Main Sail provided the technical and functional consulting to convert this Toyota subsidiary from a home grown MS-Access based legacy system to J.D. Edwards ERP for manufacturing. The implementation included full financials, Sales Order processing, Inventory Planning and Manufacturing. Integration of EDI and bar coding packages was also done as part of the enterprise ERP implementation of J.D. Edwards.


Yoder Brothers Barberton, OH – US – Canadian ERP Plant Integration

Main Sail was asked to provide consulting to integrate an Ontario Canadian manufacturing plan into its existing SAP system used in Barberton, Ohio. The integration required that sales and profitability be separately reported for the Canadian operation and that all Canadian tax and currency issues be reconciled with the US operation. The production operation required that unique issues with Available-to-Promise dates and GL accounts be rationalized between the Canadian and the US operations.


ZepInc – Enhancing ERP for International Manufacturing

Main Sail provided a team of ERP consultants to provide new functionality to its existing SAP implementation. We worked with the Zep team to improve Inventory Management, Order-to-Cash Processes, Cost Management, Production Quality Management, MRP and Production Planning. Main Sail provided a full suite of both business process and technical expertise. Issues with the initial implementation done by a previous vendor were resolved and the major enhancements provided by the Main Sail team enabled Zep to move into the next generation of ERP solutions with confidence that its multiple plants and locations were running smoothly.


Charcoal Grill Manufacturer- ERP Selection

This medium sized company wanted to move off of an old set of legacy systems to an ERP system. They have manufacturing and warehousing in both the US and China that must be closely synchronized. Our ERP consulting staff worked closely with their staff to assemble a requirements document to use with ERP vendors, selecting vendors most likely to have relevant solutions, orchestrating demos and discussions, assisting them combining the core ERP vendor and add-on products vendors into a fully integrated solution to meet their needs. The company selected SAP Business One along with a add-in Warehouse Management solution and has successfully implemented the system to their requirements.


Nut Products Food Manufacturer – ERP Assessment and Selection

This small manufacturer wanted to move from an outdated, minimal production management software solution to a fully integrated ERP solution. Our ERP consulting staff worked closely with their staff and conducted a one week rapid ERP readiness assessment, assembled a requirements document to use with ERP vendors, selected ERP vendors most likely to have relevant solutions, orchestrated demos and discussions, and assisted them in combining the core ERP vendor and add-on products vendors into a fully integrated solution to meet their needs. The company selected MS-Dynamics in combination with a food processing add-in package.

Navy WM

US Navy - 120 Warehouse Management Implementations

Main Sail designed and implemented the Navy’s first wireless (RF) based SAP Warehouse Management solution including use of pRFID in support of Trident Nuclear Submarine Operations and maintenance in Bangor Washington. In a display of confidence by the Navy, Main Sail was given authority to direct a combined team of 30+ government and contractor resources. This successful project became a groundbreaking component of Navy ERP logistics and served as the template for the Navy’s enterprise implementation of Warehouse Management now operating in 120+ Navy warehouses globally. Main Sail directed the efforts of a cast of hardware and software vendors delivering cryptographic and pRFID components.


4PL Supply Chain Oracle Logistics

Main Sail architected and developed a robust ERP based solution for Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) operations services for a large commercial and DoD contractor. The 4PL solution was designed to integrate other 3PL solutions from multiple vendors into a single supply chain solution with end-to-end visibility of all logistics operations. The solution was designed to support a supply chain managing $8 billion in assets over 10 years.


SAP Manufacturing Execution Solution (MES) Add-In

Main Sail led a small project team to develop a manufacturing interface between a leading manufacturing shop floor Execution system and SAP Production Planning. Main Sail developed the solution architecture and technical approach, and selected a unique set of software tools designed to virtually eliminate the need for custom coding and enable the rapid deployment of the ME SAP interface product.


Air Force CTO Mobile Device Architecture

Working for the Air Force A4 office, Main Sail was tasked to work directly with the Air Force CTO at the Pentagon to construct the requirements for a global mobile architecture that would be used to connect all mobile devices throughout the Air Force organization. This involved assembling formal Business Case Analysis data, working with a diverse team to assemble the recommendations and present results to senior Air Force staff at the Pentagon.

IoT Sensors

Air Force 50,000 Sensor Tracking Architecture

For an RFP to replace a major wind tunnel testing facilities analog sensor network with digital sensors, Main Sail was the primary IoT oriented solution architect. The solution involved 50,000+ sensor points, connected by a combination of private cellular, 802.11 wireless and ZigBee components in a tightly integrated structure with real time monitoring. The solution is still being evaluated by the Air Force.


Champion Technologies – Discrete Manufacturing Re-Implementation

Main Sail was contacted by Champion’s CIO to assist them with challenges from by a poorly implemented SAP system. We provided business, financial, manufacturing, warehousing and inventory management consulting. Processes were reconfigured, streamlined and documented. Users received training and the operation was stabilized and improved by the Main Sail team. Main Sail continued to provide both functional and technical support for many years and has assisted Champion in maximizing the use of its SAP system.


Kraft Foods – SAP Process Manufacturing

Main Sail provided consulting support for the Kraft North America rollout of Procurement, Inventory, Warehouse Management, Production Planning for their SAP Process Manufacturing implementation. The implementation involved integrated a mix of legacy and SAP systems and procedures. The Main Sail team also provided training for Kraft’s internal team and participated in individual plan rollouts.


Paint Valley Equipment - SAP Business One Manufacturing

PVE implemented financials, inventory, sales, distribution, purchasing and the eCommerce web tools. The project was done in two phases; core financials and manufacturing followed by the eCommerce web tools components. The ERP implementation resolved long standing issues with inventory tracking and specifically with the management of consigned inventory. It also allowed PVE to distribute pricing and availability information to their dealer channel and allowed their dealers to place and track orders, get pricing and obtain direct product knowledge.